Wednesday, 28 September 2011

A visit to the GP

My very first effort at a bowls league game had it's moments. I had some appalling gaffs and a couple of brilliants. In the end I think the verdict was 'could do better', or in the words of my skip, 'You have a lovely delivery...' and the unspoken, 'Shame not in the right direction.' At least we won with a rather pleasing 13-5 score, and my very last bowl stopped the opposing team from gaining 5. We still would have won, but the score would have stood at a far less impressive 12-10. My honour survived just about intact.

One bit of good news was that the Club President asked me to join her women's team that's to start it's surge for glory after Christmas. She actually asked me before the game, which was probably a major error on her part, but she did it and I accepted, so no going back!

And now for some book news:
A few weeks ago when I was in the full flush of getting my little book taken on by the Borders Pharmacy Overlord, Mountain Man told me I should take it to the GP surgery and see if they'd have it on their list of recommended books, and in a moment of madness I agreed. The Surgery Manager was lovely but said it wasn't up to her and she'd have to ask the GP's. She also said she'd be in touch if they said yes. I heard nothing so I let it go and chalked it up to experience.

Well, after bowls, I had an appointment at the GP's and while I was sitting quietly reading, the Practice Manager came out and said that she thought I'd said I'd call in (rather than her call me) and so she was really pleased to see me as the GP's loved my book and they want to have copies to hold in reception and sell on my behalf, and could I please drop a poster in so that they can promote it! She then paid for the free copy I'd given them.

The GP I saw said she thought the book is ideal for them. 'An easy read, simple little book that anyone could pick up and get something out of' is what she said. She loved that it's patient focused, and she'd read it and learned some things she hadn't known before... actually that last bit freaked me out a little... but there you go... they can't know everything, and it seems that it's given me a bit of kudos in Borders GP land.

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