Sunday, 18 September 2011

Book news

On Friday afternoon I suddenly realised that I was supposed to be going to the Society of Authors in Scotland conference yesterday. I had booked it up months ago and it had slipped under the radar (or I hadn't turned the page in my diary and therefore completely forgotten about it!). And so on Friday night I trundled off to Edinburgh. The reason I decided to go to it all those months ago when I booked, was because it was being held round the corner from where I stay in Edinburgh and it seemed like too good an opportunity to miss. Come Friday night I was regretting that decision as was feeling like I wanted a weekend at home but I'd paid and decided to make the effort. Just before I left the house I shoved a few copies of my book into my bag, as I know at these things business cards and any form of self promotion is encouraged.

The conference itself was very interesting, albeit a long day ... all about how publishing is changing, e-books and how to promote oneself. When people asked what I wrote I produced my little book, and 2 people bought it immediately. They said it was 'beautiful', which was gratifying. Of course that's just the cover and the fact that it's a pocket book... nothing about the content!

Anyway, at the end of the conference there was a cocktail party and I started talking to one of the leading lights in SOAIS, Nicola Morgan. She asked what I had written and I duly got out my book. She said the same as the others, so I offered it to her, free, gratis. She refused to accept it unless she paid for it. And so she bought my little book! I was so amazed and flattered. She also asked me to twitter her so she could be one of my followers. More amazement and more flattered. This happened to coincide with my 2nd glass of wine on a pretty empty stomach. I left not long after before I made a fool of myself!


  1. I hope you tell all your literary friends about your helpful publisher and what he could do for them :-)

  2. Don't worry Mr B, you got a mention!