Thursday, 8 September 2011

Hot and bothered

Yesterday, when I left home for Edinburgh, it was cold, raining and altogether Autumnal. I decided not to take much in the way of clothing and dressed appropriately... warm top, long socks, and my shoes that have been away in the cupboard over our so-called Summer while my feet pretended it was warm in sandals and crocs. And guess what? This morning is a bright, sunny, warm day and I'm already hot and bothered, with my face turning redder by the minute. Not the most inspiring look as I head off to work. The worst bit is that I'm working until 9 tonight and so I'm stuck. The only thing I can hope for is that as the day gets on, it will get colder, and I can feel a bit self-righteous. But right now I just feel stupid as the rest of Edinburgh seems to be in t-shirts and shorts.

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