Saturday, 24 September 2011

11 minutes of teeth

Mountain man and I eventually caught up on Skype, but it was a little weird as he was sitting with his laptop out in dark somewhere in a hotel in Bumtang district and all I could see for the whole 11 minutes was his teeth moving up and down. An incredibly surreal experience I can tell you. And it all ended a bit too soon. However, I learned that he's having a wonderful time and he and his tour guide friend, Tenzin, are as of one mind... or at least that's the story I heard.

I'm relieved to hear it's going so well, though very envious too. Who wouldn't be envious of someone traversing one of the most unspoilt destinations on earth while I sit at home nursing an elderly dog, an intransigent boiler, and some new boots? Well ok, the new boots make up for it slightly, but given the chance for new boots or being in Bhutan for 8 days I think I'd know which one I'd choose... mmm or would I?

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