Friday, 9 September 2011

Trauma in Costco

I made a trip to Costco today... the 'cheap' store, where I seem to spend a lot of money. There was method in the madness as items were required, it's just that I always seem to buy things I never knew I needed.

I was going round, having my lunch - they always have free samples going and so today's lunch was vegetable risotto with parmesan, an oaty bar, some Tic Tacs and finally, which was a huge mistake, a piece of Florentine that quite frankly made me feel sick so I had to go back and get some more Tic Tacs - when shock, horror, I came across a complete aisle of Christmas decorations, trees etc. It's only part way through September for ****'s sake. I found myself shaking with terror at the very thought of it.

In order to get over the trauma I headed for the books to have a bit of a browse, and there I was, reading Caitlin Moran's How To Be A Woman, which has been much lauded by Cathy the Bookseller, when I realised three of my fingers were covered in blood. I did rather wonder why people were giving me a wide berth. It was one of those odd bleeds where not only did I not feel myself getting cut, it was also only surface, but you wouldn't have thought it given how much blood was around. I took this as a sign and immediately put the book in my trolley.

The whole experience was shattering... not the bleed, the C stuff. I'm still traumatised by it.

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  1. Hope you're ok. It's way too early for that stuff. I also hear that mince pies are on sale in supermarkets. Bah humbug!