Monday, 19 September 2011

One of those nights

Do you ever have those nights where you don't think you've been asleep and yet you wake up and so you know you have? Well last night was like that.

I spent quite a bit of time thinking about a phone conversation I'd had with a friend and the ramifications from it when I woke up. Then I thought I was struggling to get back to sleep only to wake up again and find that it was 6.45 am and my man had deserted the bed to go and meditate and I never even heard him. 'How long have you been up?' I asked. 'An hour,' he replied, 'You were fast asleep.' Not in my world I wasn't.

Coffee Plant Update
My plants do not like this time of year. We've had cold days and nights and only just put the heating on. They don't like the cold and I've noticed the leaves are beginning to curl again. I'm now investigating the delights of an indoor greenhouse to see if this might help my poor darlings as I'm not sure the central heating being on for a couple of hours a day is enough for them. My cup of coffee seems further away than ever and a whole lot more expensive!

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