Saturday, 30 January 2016

Hoarding pays off

I've always been a dreadful hoarder. It's mainly papers and things that I'm worried that I might need one day and so they get kept.

Of course, having a computer means there's lots more space, albeit ether space, to collect things and I sometimes wonder why I don't just put a lot of it in the trash. For instance, I've kept all the OU stuff from my Creative Writing course that I undertook in 2010. Not just my stuff, which I'd keep anyway, but everyone else's that I'd worked on or that they sent me.

Well today I had confirmation that keeping things isn't such a bad thing. A friend who's applying for an MA in Screenwriting was needing a poem she'd written, but had lost the USB stick she had with all her poems on in a recent move. She emailed me in bits. I looked at my old folder and there it was, complete with tutor comments.

Sometimes it's great to think that my bad habits can actually have a positive edge to them. I just hope this doesn't mean that my hoarding goes to the next level given my new drawer habit!

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Revolution in the drawer department

It turned out my mother had bronchitis. The doctor was called on Monday morning and demanded she stayed in bed. She wasn't happy, but felt too ill to do anything but comply. I hesitated to leave her, but someone else was staying in the house, so I scooted off for my meeting up with someone I'd done the Clinical Psychology Doctorate with and who I haven't seen for 15 years.

We met at the National Gallery and were going to have a quick cuppa and then go to an exhibition they had on, but we had our drinks and then got lunch and then 4 hours later, she had to get back to Kent and I felt I needed to get back to check on my mother, so we left without ever going near a single painting! Neither of us could believe that the time had passed so quickly. It was really good to see her and we've determined to meet up again when I'm down in London and have some time.

I went back to my mother's but she didn't want anything but to go to sleep, so I caught up with some things I needed to do and then scooted off to meet one of my best friends for dinner. We were due to meet at 6. At 10.30 when they were closing the restaurant, we were still sitting chatting!

And so, I finally got back to my mother's house and went to bed, full of food, full of good thoughts and completely chatted out.

Tuesday morning I must've run a virtual marathon before I went to my meeting. My mother was feeling slightly better, which in essence meant her being super demanding and also super critical. I was pleased to get away and get to my meeting for a sit down and a bit of peace and quiet. The meeting went well and my brother invited me out to lunch, which was nice. From there I had a couple of hours to kill before my next meet-up, and by this time the rain had started so I went to Waterstones around the corner from where I was in Oxford Street and looked for a book to sit and read to kill a bit of time.

I came across this book called 'Spark Joy: an illustrated guide to the Japanese art of tidying' by Marie Kondo. I'm sure those that know me well will also know I'm not the tidiest of people, actually not even close to being so and the book kind of grabbed me. I flicked through it and then noticed that there was another book by the same author called, 'The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying', which was her first, so I picked up that one too and sat down with them both.

One of the folk that work in Waterstones was passing and he said that I really should read the first one first, as the second book was a follow-on from that. So there I was, sitting in a comfy chair in Waterstones, while the rain was causing all kinds of havoc outside and with my couple of hours to spare I read the book from cover to cover.

It was fascinating and I could really understand what the author was getting at - apart from one bit where she subscribes to tearing pages out of books, but I'm not even going there, so you can forget that one - and then I turned to the illustrated one. You might well ask, does one really need a book to illustrate how you fold clothes and things? And in honesty I would say, well I for one do and so I bought it.

After my reading marathon I headed off for a meet-up with an online chum from one of my Poetry School courses and we had a really fun afternoon talking about all kinds of things. By this time it was almost 5pm and so I scooted back to my mother's to run another marathon, cook her an omelette and settle her down for the night before... yes you guessed it... I went out to meet up with another friend for a drink.

Just before we met though, I very sensibly decided on a quick stop off for a plate of pasta and am I ever pleased I did! We met up at the American Bar in the Beaumont Hotel, a rather upmarket, swanky place near Oxford Street and after quite a few glasses of vino, I was still relatively sober, while I can't say the same for my friend, who hadn't had anything to eat at all, apart from the olives and nuts the bar so kindly put on our table. We left there at 11.30 pm and I was a touch worried as to whether they would get home ok. I, myself, got in just before midnight and crept to bed.

Yesterday morning I had a hilarious text from my friend, who'd managed just fine thank goodness, but both of us said that we were pleased neither of us had to drive that morning. And then all I had to do, after checking my mother was ok, was to get on my train home.

I arrived back to the sound of one of my smoke alarms alerting me, with a rather incessant beep every 30 seconds, that it needed a new battery. I flung my case down and got to it, but could I get the thing off the ceiling to change the battery? Hell I could. I managed to get it off the ceiling, as in I prised it off and, along with lots of dust, it hung there, but I just couldn't open it. So Steve the Handyman was called, but he wasn't in, so I went to buy some food and then tried again. He was really sweet and came rushing round. A true knight with a screwdriver and a bit more knowhow than me, and had whipped the cover off and replaced the battery in minutes. I was just relieved the beeping had stopped. He thought it was hysterical.

After all that, I unpacked and got out my book. It was amazing. I never knew how much space I had if only I'd folded right in the first place. The drawer where I keep my knickers is usually full to brimming, but with a quick fold, I couldn't believe how it looked.

So much space!

I was completely gobsmacked. I then set to with my t-shirt drawer and that too was suddenly transformed. I am so impressed that I'm now off to do all the rest of my drawers and sort my cupboard too... and do you know what? It really does make me feel good and so I find myself opening my drawers because it just makes me smile!

Sunday, 24 January 2016

A week out

Yesterday I determined would be a day of rest and relaxation. I was all ready to spend the whole of it in my pj's, slobbing about and generally just doing what I wanted. I had a phone call from a friend at about midday and she wanted to arrange for us to meet up next week. 'Well,' I said, 'I'm off to London next weekend so that's out, just a mo while I check my diary.' And that's when I realised I was a whole week out and I was due to go to London today!

Panic stations ensued. I'd not read a bit of the paperwork for the meeting I have to attend, nor done any of the things I should have done for it, let alone think about what I was going to pack, so the rest of the day was spent getting myself in order.

Today, I headed off on the train and, because of all kinds of doings on the rail network the journey was scheduled to last 5 hours instead of the usual 3 hours 40 mins. But one of the perks was that I'd managed to bag a cheap 1st Class ticket, so was entertained with free drinks and sandwiches (week days you get cooked food, weekends it's strictly sarnies only) and at least a comfortable seat.

I arrived in London and had no problem getting to my mother's where I stay when in London. She, however, had completely forgotten I was coming down this Sunday (oh well, that makes two of us) and wasn't feeling 100% when I got there, so decided to go to bed at 6.30 pm. She is going to be 93 in March, so I think that kind of thing is perfectly ok, but at least it gave me an excuse to go out to dinner to somewhere I really like to go.

I'm a huge fan of Japanese cuisine, especially when it's really good and I know 2 restaurants not far from my mother's which are round the corner to each other. I started out by seeing if my favourite (Miyama) was open, but it wasn't, so I headed round to Kiku.

I've been going there for literally years, but tonight was the first time there wasn't a table and I was offered a seat at the sushi bar, which I didn't even know they had. It's been like that for years, so I was told. Just goes to show how routined I can get, because I just haven't been upstairs there and so haven't ever seen it. Well am I glad I did.

It was fascinating. I watched the chef and he was a real artist. When I explained that it was lovely to see someone who so obviously loved his work. That went down a treat and so he allowed me to take a pic.

An artist at work

It was a great start to my London few days. Tomorrow I have some time to myself, then meeting up with someone I did the Clinical Doctorate course in Edinburgh with who I haven't seen for 15 or so years, and from there I have some work in the afternoon followed by dinner with one of my best friends. Looking forward to all that.

Tuesday is a different matter... meetings followed by time with my mother, which is always a strain. I'm working on staying calm and centered, and at least I feel suitably mellow tonight after a small carafe of sake, so that's a good start. Now I just have to harness that mellowness and make sure it's in the bag for the next few days.

Friday, 22 January 2016

More birthday fun

Yesterday I had yet another birthday celebration, this time courtesy of my lovely sons.

However, before all that I had a test drive in a Tesla, which is an all electric car. It goes from 0-60 in blip seconds and was pretty amazing. The only thing I wasn't so keen on was when the sales guy put the car on to auto drive - yes, that actually means it drives itself! It was far too freaky for me, so that lasted about 20 seconds before he switched it back into me driving.

I love test driving cars. When I was in my teens (we're talking late 60's early 70's here) my friends and I used to go and test drive Rolls Royces, Bentleys, Mercs and the like. It was really fun and because the sales people didn't know whether we were up and coming artists/musicians (we were at art school at the time) or just wastrels, they let us drive just in case. That's where I got a taste for test driving and it's remained with me ever since.

Anyway, I really enjoyed my drive, but after that it was onto the main event. My boys had arranged for us to go to a Safe Room experience at Can You Escape on the Royal Mile.

We had 1 hour to do all kinds of tests and get ourselves out. It was bit like The Crystal Maze if you can remember that. We actually managed to do it in 52 minutes and 33 secs! When we got out the manager said that only 1 in 5 teams actually manage to do it in the hour, so we felt very proud even though we didn't quite make the top ten times. However, if it had been me on my own I think I'd still be there by my next birthday! Both sons were fab, while I stood around wondering 'What the heck' most of the time, but I did have a few incredible moments when I solved a few things the boys couldn't. It was really fun.

Then it was out to dinner at Twenty Princes Street, which was fab. Really delicious food and great company, who could ask for more? And then it was back to No. 2 Son's for more wine and then No. 1 Son's girlfriend joined us. It was a really lovely, lovely end to a great day.

However, the boys also gave me a present. Ages ago I'd spotted a place in Edinburgh that did casts and I quite fancied a cast of the three of our hands entwined. But the problem was, when the boys looked into it, it was just too expensive, so I'd let that go and was super happy with what they'd planned. But then they surprised me by having done casts themselves and painted them in gold. They're a bit 'rustic' but all the better for it and apart from looking a touch spooky, I'm absolutely thrilled with my gift.

Golden hands!

Today I woke up early and had to shoot off to my very first Qiqong class at Stobo Castle. I was told there would be one person there, as they'd booked already. Ok I thought, well one is better than none. Thirteen people turned up! I was so shocked, but the class went really well and they all said how much they enjoyed it. Of course they were guests who wouldn't be there for next week's class, so who knows what next week will bring, but I have to say I was delighted.

I was also exhausted by the time I got home and only had the energy to do some work on a new writing course I've decided to join, but the headache is that you have to be a computer whizz to access the resources. It took me ages and ages, but at least I managed it.

And then it was time for me to turn my hand to my penny whistle lessons. I took it up before Odi came, but neither she nor Vespa liked me playing (no comments thank you), so the whistle has lain in a drawer. But since Vespa went I've started again and found this great site The Online Academy of Irish Music where you can sign up for free lessons in all kinds of instruments. Progress is slow, but steady, but more than that I'm enjoying the challenge.

So that's me for this week. A great birthday is still going on. I have until February 11th to fully enjoy the rest of it and don't have a whole lot planned, but given what's been going on for me this year, I'm sure the Universe will find something to give me a few more surprises!

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

The Universal plan?

It seems the Universe is still up for having a bit of fun with me at the moment.

Yesterday morning I turned on my computer to find I had an email with a revelation about a friend of mine. I'd suspected things and it was great to know that my intuition had been right, but it was a bit of a surprise to receive it. I don't want to go into details, but suffice it to say it started my day on a bit of a strange, yet in a lot of ways, uplifting note. 

Then I went into Edinburgh to have a birthday lunch with my friend, Shirley, but before that I had to go to the dentist because a filling that Chris the dentist redid for me about 6 months ago and had been playing up ever since it was done, needed checking. Chris had already had 2 goes at with the drill, but it was still causing me grief and I thought he'd just give it a quick go with the drill again. After all, my appointment was only booked for 10 minutes. A quick look and he decided to redo the whole thing, which was something that hadn't been on my agenda.

40 minutes later and with the whole side of my face numb, I met Shirley at Harvey Nicks restaurant. It was lovely to catch up with her and apart from having to drink with a straw - I didn't want any embarrassing dribbles - and having to take a couple of painkillers, as the effects of the injection Chris gave me was wearing off, we had a great time. She gave me a lovely pair of earrings and a great little jewellery travelling case as a pressie. Lucky me.

From there I did a bit of shopping and then came home and just as I was settling myself for an evening of practising my tin whistle - which I've started again since Vespa's gone, as he went ape-shit every time I played (no comments thank you!) - the phone went. It was my ex-ex-husband, the father of my lovely boys, who phoned for a chat. Now we usually talk for a couple of minutes at Xmas when the boys phone him, but that's really been it for more years than I care to mention, so it was a bit of a surprise to still be chatting to him 20 minutes plus later. He insisted I phoned his best friend in London to chat to him and he's someone I haven't spoken to in around 25 years, but Andrew (the ex-ex) wanted me to sort something for his friend's daughter. So I phoned and talked with him and his wife.

How strange is that? To be talking to people I never thought I'd ever speak to again. And they've invited me for dinner when I'm in London and have time. Stranger still.

So all in all yesterday was one of those days that when I looked back at it was so full of strangeness that I decided not to think about it at all. However, I'm lying low today, just in case more stuff comes out of the woodwork to haunt me. Oh yes, and I'm pleased to report the tooth is now doing well.

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Thanks to the House Gods

Just before Xmas I wrote about how I'd lost my watch. I knew it was somewhere in the house and my last memory was of trying to get ready to go to London and taking it off, putting it down somewhere in my bedroom and then not being able to find it again.

I do have another watch and I used that for a couple of days, but in the end decided to go without. The lost watch was one of the first presents my first husband gave me and it's been with me for 36 years and we've seen a lot of action together, so really it was for sentimental reasons that I was missing it as I have to say it kept the worst time and I was forever having to check on what the real time was. But then I was used to it. Somehow the other watch that keeps really good time didn't quite do it for me.

Well yesterday while I was getting ready to do some exercise before going out to my neighbours for a drink - well come on, I've got to try to have some kind of balance! - I was in my study (also known as my gym) and glanced at the corner of my desk and there was my watch. I still don't know how it migrated from upstairs to downstairs and I would have sworn on anything that I'd taken it off upstairs, but anyway, there it was! I was quite overcome and I have to say it was lovely to get it back. So I did a quick thank you to the House Gods for deciding it was time for it to return to me.

The House Gods have also been being kind to my coffee plants and they seem to be doing quite well at the moment, so I thought I'd delight you with a pic.

Doing well

Last night at my neighbours was a blast. We had the best time, with hours of laughing and getting through 2 bottles of wine. Luckily it was only next door as when I left their house at almost 11 o'clock I was feeling pretty happy as I weaved my way all of approximately 15 feet from their door to mine.

So with a quick gratitude prayer to those House Gods I rather unsteadily made my way upstairs and managed to get undressed without mishap and fall into bed and straight to sleep.

Yesterday was certainly another good day for me.

Saturday, 16 January 2016

The year starts well

I went for my haircut to Perth on Thursday instead of the weekend. I couldn't wait any longer without the feeling I'd totally back out. And I love it! So pleased I decided to get it done. As I was passing Kinross on the way back, I called in on two of my favourite people, Sarah and JT and a very lovely few hours was spent catching up with them.

I also got the call from Stobo and we've now put a month's worth of dates in the diary for me go over and teach Qiqong. I'm quite excited about it, but only hope some people turn up to the class otherwise it'll be curtains for that little enterprise.

It seems like some very odd stuff has been happening for me lately, all of it good, I'm pleased to say, but odd nevertheless. Meeting with people, being offered work and there's some other things in the pipeline that I don't want to jinx by talking about it, but hopefully will pan out positively.

I don't know about you, but with so much serendipitous experiences about just now, this year already feels a whole lot lighter than the last couple. Of course I know it'll have it's down moments too, but so far so good and because I heard that Vespa's settled I've been able to let go of my sadness at our parting and I think that's really helped. I do miss not having a dog around, but it's also afforded me the time to zip off to places without having to think about puppy feed times, walks etc. For instance I didn't get back from my jaunt to Perth until almost 9.30pm and I'd never have been able to do that with a puppy here and on Friday I went to have lunch with my ex-colleague, Neil, and we were able to sit about chatting for ages rather than my worrying as to whether the puppy needed out for a pee.

This coming week I've got some good stuff happening too. My lovely boys are taking me to a Safe Room experience as a birthday treat, where apparently you get locked in a room and have to solve puzzles to get out... a bit like The Crystal Maze for those who remember that old programme... and from there they're taking me to a swanky restaurant for dinner. That's all happening on Thursday. Monday I'm out with my friend Shirley in Edinburgh, which will soften the blow of having had to pay a visit to the dentist first, so another thing to look forward to. And Wednesday, for the first time in as long as I can remember I'll be playing badminton for a whole 2 hours rather than the one hour I've become used to because of having to get home for Vespa. And then on Friday I start my first class at Stobo.

I'm just wondering what other serendipitous experiences might be round the corner, but before all that I've been invited round to my neighbours for drinks tonight. It was supposed to happen at Christmas, but I just don't know where the time went, so tonight it is. Luckily I'm doing nothing tomorrow except recover I think, as my neighbours like a drink or two. Should be fun!

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

A memorable birthday

I drove over to Stobo Castle on Sunday afternoon. It's only just about an hour away, so the journey was quite relaxing, but the flooding on the way was incredible. Water all over the road and the snow and rain just added to it all. However, I got there just fine and was given a lovely room that looked over to the hills. My room was warm and toasty, with gorgeous wallpaper and loads of room, but I had no time to sit about as I had to get down to the spa to have a swim and go in the jacuzzi before my first massage.

After a relaxing couple of hours in the spa I went back to my room and changed into clothes for dinner. One of the things I really like about spa days is that you slob about in a cozzie and bath robe for most of the time, which adds to the whole pamper experience, but it's also nice to get real clothes on too.

When it came to dinner I decided to join the talk table and was joined by some lovely people, who were all up for a laugh and great fun to be with. There were 8 of us and we all had a glass of wine, which added to the jollity.

I woke up on my actual birthday to the bluest of skies, which was such a wonderful surprise. Also, at Stobo they give your car a wash, so mine looked lovely and sparkly and it felt like an extra birthday present.

The view from my window, complete with my newly washed, sparkling white car

I started my day (after a filling breakfast and a bit of a rest) going to the stretch class. I couldn't quite remember if it started at 9 or 9.30 so got there for 10 to just in case. I decided as I was waiting to do some qiqong and there I was practising when the fitness manager came in to get the room ready (I discovered that the class started at 9.15!) and she told me to carry on. When I finished she started asking me all about it and I told her about my teaching it in Thailand, but then some others came to join in the class so we got on with that.

It was a good class and a great way to start the day. At the end the fitness manager asked if she could have a word and she then asked me if I'd be interested in coming to teach qiqong at Stobo! I was completely taken by surprise, but, in the spirit of my current way of thinking, I said yes, I'd give it a go and trial it to see how it worked. How weird is that?

From there I went to full on pampering. I had an incredible Neom sleep massage, which was fab and then, after a long bout of relaxing, lunch followed by reflexology, more relaxing and then a facial followed by a bit more relaxing and then I only had a short amount of time to get ready for dinner.

I decided to buy our table a couple of bottles of wine to celebrate my birthday and although the others offered to pay, I really wanted to give rather than receive. We had a lovely meal and then a few of us headed off for the hot tub to spend an hour under the stars. We even had a bit of rain but it just added to the experience.

One of the folk in the tub was a hairdresser and she and I got talking. She apparently has people jetting in from all over the UK to take up her services in Perth. She then went on to tell me what she'd do with my hair... I needed no more info and am now booked in to go see her on the weekend. A new 'do' for a new year!

I went to bed feeling very complete and together with messages from some lovely people in my life, I just couldn't have asked for better.

Today I woke up to grey skies and snow! So different from yesterday. Had a swim and a steam and a jacuzzi and then it was time for my last treatment - a manicure followed by a quick lunch and then it was time to go.

My birthday was completed by getting home to a phone call from Forfar to tell me how Vespa was getting on. Apparently he's doing really well. He's bonded with his kennel mate, Coco, who travelled up to Forfar with him, and also with his trainer, Sarah. She told me when she first met him she knelt down on the floor and he immediately put his head on her shoulder - what a tart that dog is! But at least he's happy and settled and what's more Sarah told me he's super well trained and knows all his commands really well. It made me feel that at least I'd done that part of the job well. Of course the call left me a bit tearful too, but I'm so relieved to hear he's ok.

So it was a truly memorable birthday in all sorts of ways and definitely for all the right reasons!

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Ageing by the day

Since Vespa left I've been getting on with things. Starting with de-hairing the house, which will take forever, but at least I made a start and then turning my hand to clearing out my closet. I've now got 3 large bags of clothes to take to the Charity shop and I'm not finished yet.

It's been useful to have a lot to do as, not just because of missing having a dog here, but also because we've had snow and it's far better for me to be indoors and occupied than being out there in all that freezing cold. Yesterday there was a good inch fell in half an hour, but luckily it didn't throw too much more into the mix. My garden looks lovely, which is more than can be said for the road outside the front door, where it's grey, icy and slushy.

Looking lovely out back

I'm due to go off to Stobo Castle tomorrow for my birthday treat and I'm keeping everything crossed that I'll be able to get there. What with snow on top of flooding, it's not the best. And we're due more snow this afternoon. But hey, tomorrow the temperature is supposed to soar to a massive +3 degrees and I'm not leaving until midday, which leaves lots of time for the gritters to be out and about so I'm hopeful.

So that's me. By the next time I post I'll be 64 years old! Can't believe I made it to 64! Well of course I haven't yet. That doesn't happen til Monday. But still... I can't believe I made it to 63 and 362 days!

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

The end

Vespa and my last hours together were filled with tears and laughter. He, of course, was just himself and thank goodness for that.

When the Puppy Supervisor came to get him he was thrilled to see her. We chatted for a while, but she needed to get going, so, after giving her all the paperwork I needed to, she took him off to her car where her own Guide Dog puppy, Micky (who's a month older than Vespa) was waiting. Vespa thought it was Christmas all over again and didn't look back. A pal to play with, what could be better? In a lot of ways I was really pleased, just like when my boys went to school on the first day and just got on with it. Of course, that didn't mean that then, or now, I wasn't in bits, but that's just how it is. A mixture of happiness at 'that's how it should be' and then loads of tears.

The PS couldn't actually fit his food in her car so we agreed I'd take it to the local charity, Borders Pet Rescue, and give it to them. So once Vespa had gone and I'd got over crying, I took the food over there, which is just a village away.

They were thrilled at getting the food and the manager, Simon (or for reasons of how he introduced himself will forever be known as Sorry, Simon or SS for short) started asking me if I'd be interested in going along and doing some dog training with them. The answer to which was yes, but only as long as I didn't have to commit to any specific times. So it looks like I might have a new role in the offing as well as my boarding for Guide Dogs, so my dog time is not over.

The rest of my day was spent in doing nothing but grieving at my loss. It's been a day steeped in sorrow and lovely memories and even more lovely pics of my boy.

So that's it folks. The end of the Vespa chapter... well until I hear from Guide Dogs as to how he's getting on, of course. I'll let you know.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Last day

Who'd have ever thought the sky could hold so much rain? And that threw all my plans for Vespa's last day into confusion.

Instead of going for a lovely long walk, we ended up going shopping where we bumped into Lynne, who puppy walked the gorgeous Teddy (Odi's first friend) and Tweedy (one of Vespa's mates), but is currently puppyless due to work circumstances. She invited us back to hers for a cuppa, which I was grateful for, as was Vespa - and as was Lynne so it turned out. She really wanted to have a last cuddle and so, by a strange quirk of fate of both of us filling up in Asda petrol station at the same time, we ended up going to Lynne's.

From there Vespa and I went to lunch at Main Street Trading Station in St Boswell's, who serve a mean soup. Vespa was just perfect, which is more than I can say for the people who I alerted to the fact that they'd left the lights on on their car and you'd thought I'd have told them they'd just trodden in dog poo. They didn't as much as say thank you. Win some, lose some I guess.

And then it was an afternoon of cuddling and cosying together for our last afternoon/evening together.

So there you have it. Vespa has been with me since he was 7.5 weeks old and now he's off to big school to fulfil his destiny, whatever that may be. He's seen me through good times and bad times and all the rest in between and I'm going to miss my big, black tank. I really am.

Vespa at 7.5 weeks

Vespa this morning

Well what's one to do on one's last evening but sleep in comfort?

Monday, 4 January 2016

Vespa to the rescue

I hope you all had a lovely New Year. Mine was great and filled with social activities until Saturday night when I fell ill.

When I got up yesterday I was so unwell that I had to call in reinforcements and get Guide Dog pup, Amber's puppy walkers to come over and pick Vespa up as I just couldn't manage. I also had to cancel a lunch I had organised with some friends, which was a shame.

After a day in bed I woke up this morning to feeling so much better, so Vespa came home. Given that he's off on 6th January in the morning, we don't have much more time for cuddling together, so it was lovely to have him home again.

I had a chiropractor appointment for this afternoon and I'd already had to wait for a month before getting it, so when I rang them to tell them of yesterday's illness and query whether or not it would be a good thing to come, I was quite pleased when they said if I felt ok, it'd be fine. So along we went.

Vespa was so funny. He lay quietly on the floor for pretty much the whole time until the chiropractor manoeuvred my ankle and I made a small sound and Vespa was over like a shot checking I was ok. He wouldn't leave my side after that. Isn't that sweet?