Friday, 23 September 2011

Muchos shopping

Sandwiched in between work yesterday, I had a lovely time with Shirley having lunch and shopping. I'm sorry to say I spent more than I probably should, with my star buy being these:

We had lunch in A Room In The West End, which was fantastic. They went out of their way to accommodate my weird diet at the moment, and I was very impressed. Would definitely go back.

After a wander and a quick shop followed by a sit down in a cafe to rest our weary feet, I had to head back to work for my evening group. Only one more week to go, and that will be the end of my finishing at 9 pm... well at least for the moment. They want me to think about doing a follow-on once a month, and I'm thinking about it, but nothing's set at the moment.

And my boiler is fixed. They told me it would take 2 hours and a mere 45 minutes later job done. One less thing to have to worry about.

So now, I have one more client before my weekend starts. The only thing lacking is being in contact with my Beloved. We both had our Skype on, but there was no connection, which was very frustrating and after an hour or so of waiting I gave up. Only 5 more days and he'll be home, then we'll have to find time to go out and 'air' my gorgeous boots... oh yes and one of the dresses I bought... plural? Now there's an admission!

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