Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Updates on this auspicious day

Today is an extraordinary date according to mathematicians as contains 3 consecutive numbers, which only occurs five times in every century, today being the penultimate one for us as the next and last one is on 9/11/13 and then that's the lot for this century.  When I was a child I always wanted to be born on a date with an interesting number, basically because my brother was 5 on 5/5/55 and I was more than a bit jealous. However, his life hasn't turned out quite so interesting (though I'm sure he'll disagree) and he hasn't become the superhero that I he told me he was going to be when I was 5 and he was 7. Enough of that. Now to the updates:

The last Game of the season:
It drizzled. It was freezing. We played. I lost.

But considering it was the Club skip and I managed to get 12 points to his 21 I was actually quite pleased. I didn't play all that well, and neither did he. The weather can be a bit of a leveller, but not in this case, it was just horrible out there. So different from Sunday when the sun shone and it was a joy to play. Both of us were pleased to finish last night before the drizzle turned to full on rain.

So that's it for the outdoor season for me. There's still another couple of weeks to go but I'm away the rest of this week, then at a wedding this Saturday and then on October 1st, which is the very last game of the season, I'm in London.

And then the indoor season begins.

Coffee plant update:
I'm sure you can't tell the difference between these two photos, but growth is there I promise. There are quite a few new leaves coming at the top, though the one on the front right is looking slightly worse for wear. We'll see what the next few months brings.


31st July

Book update:
I had a meeting today with the local Scottish Borders Pharmacy Overlord, who is the owner of 5 pharmacy emporia. I was in my local pharmacy yesterday and had a bit of a brainstorm and asked if they'd like a couple of copies to sell. They told me I had to speak to the buying boss, and I duly phoned. She asked me to come across this morning and so off I set with 10 copies in my bag, and instead of her, it was her husband, the Big Boss himself who interviewed me. He took one look at the book and asked me how many I had in my bag... 10 I replied... I'll have them all, he said. And so now my little book is gracing the bookshelves of the rather splendid Romanes Pharmacy in Duns.


  1. I'm ashamed to say I still haven't bought a copy of the book but it's hopefully going to be this weekend! Well done on getting it out there. There's definite bushiness on the plants - I'm hopeless with houseplants, or plants in the house and am impressed by anyone who can keep a standard British one alive, never mind something so exotic.Well done there as well.

  2. Well done on your book listing. It just goes to show it's always worth asking.

    I thought your book was excellent. Accessible and very wise. I hope it does well.

  3. Mari - you don't need to go through eBay, you can write me a cheque if that's easier and I'll put a copy in the post. You know my email. And you've now reminded me that my O/H hasn't actually given me any money from the ones he's sold, so maybe a cheque would be better!

    Thank you Karen, from you that's high praise indeed.