Friday, 30 September 2011

Part of a virtual world

Mountain man has returned, full of stories of how he met the queen mother half way up a mountain on a donkey (her not him), and how she chatted about Edinburgh Castle with him; of how he met the Director of Tourism and chatted about what Bhutan could do for him and what he could do for Bhutan; of mountains, of beautiful hotels, of fantastic scenery... all in all a trip to be remembered. He tells me it was hard work, but... I've seen the photos and it all looks unbelievably not like hard work to me!

Not long after was he in the door I had to go to work not to return until 10 pm, then it was bedtime and now today I'm off to London until Monday. I'm being a participant in a workshop for the weekend, which I'm hoping will be instructional. There's one fly in the ointment, and that is London Underground are shutting down certain tube lines for the weekend and the one I need is one of the shut ones. Fun and games are ahead I feel.

Then on Sunday night I'm meeting up with OU friends from the virtual alternative cafe I belong to, most of whom I met last time there was a get together, but still one or two whose faces will be new. I shall be heading home again on Monday, in the hope that my man and I can have more than two hours together before one of us has to go somewhere. Forget a virtual cafe within a virtual university... it feels like I'm in a virtual marriage!

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