Sunday, 11 September 2011

A day at the wedding

What a lovely day yesterday was. Shirley and Andy's daughter, Robyn, got married to Sinclair in a swanky Edinburgh hotel.

The major decision of the day was what to wear. I had told Shirley I would wear my wig, but when I made the final decision on my outfit, I realised that wearing two things that I don't wear a lot and alcohol probably wasn't going to be the best mix. So I decided that it was to be the dress and not the wig. In retrospect I think this was a good decision.

The bride wore a splendid, purple silk number that shimmered green in the light... it was fantastic. And I was rather pleased that my purple dress covered in hearts and poodles seemed to be just the right mix of humour and glamour. The wig would have been a step too far I feel.

Unlike the last wedding we attended in Inverness in May, at this one I managed to get my O/H to dance, much to his consternation. Andy had apparently spent many hours putting together an 80's mix and it was great to dance to, well for me at least.

Shirley and I had a good old reminisce about a particular dance event in Aviemore that she and I went to about 25 years ago. We were on a weekend away, and frankly I couldn't remember whether No. 2 son (who must've been about 6 months old) was with me or whether I'd left him at home with his father and brother, but anyway, Shirley and I ended up at a Saturday dance-off at the hotel we were staying at. The whole event was completed by handbags on the floor as we shook our booties while being totally ignored by everyone else there.

Actually at one point yesterday, it was pretty much the same. Same music, same two women dancing together, just this time, much to my Beloved's relief (and probably Andy's too) our handbags were nowhere to be seen... my poor man he can only deal with so much embarrassment at one time.

Having said that, watching his wife idiot dancing in a dress covered with poodles was probably one over the odds in the embarrassment stakes for him, so a handbag on the floor frankly would probably not have made much difference. However I did notice that he went to get the car very shortly after this, so maybe he was worried at what I might have got up to next. We left before I was given the chance on that one!

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