Friday, 16 September 2011

Giving in

After a v-e-r-y  l-o-n-g day yesterday when I had to get my car into Edinburgh before 9 am and then scoot to work for a full complement of clients, scoot back to the garage to find out my car had passed its MOT (just - tho had to bite the bullet and get new front brake pads at an extortionate amount in the process and was 'advised' that my tires all need replacing at an equally extortionate amount), scoot back to work for my evening group, finish at 9 pm and an hour back to the Borders, I decided to have a long lie this morning.

What this actually means is that I woke early but refused to get up on principle. And just as well too as it's cold out there, so have resorted to shower, dressing and crawling back under the covers for warmth whilst watching a bit of the Rugby World Cup and waiting for the central heating to kick in. Yes, I've given in. That's it. Winter has officially begun.


  1. What happened to autumn?? It's heating up here and the ants are back. I'll bring some back with me - heat not ants!

  2. Don't know Lizzie, but we went from a week of summer in April to something not very nice for months and now its as it is. I have hardly worn any of my summer clothes. Please bring back lots of sun, so we can have an Oz summer rather than an Indian one... oh yes, and no ants thank you!