Thursday, 22 September 2011

Simmering not boiling

What to do when you have a problem with your boiler? Well not a problem according to the blurb on the contract I have with Scottish Hydro. They are, apparently, only a phone call away. Well, yes they are, but when you eventually get through it all becomes 'interesting'.

I got in from work to find my heating was on in spite of the fact that I had only flipped the switch for the hot water. I phoned. I was kept waiting. Someone answered and said, 'No problem, we'll arrange to have an engineer come and look at it.' So far so good. Then, 'So which day would be convenient?' Also good. I told them I could be here on Friday morning. The reply? 'No, you have to be there all day and wait for the engineer.' When I explained I worked I got nowhere. At this point I went into a 'gentle' rant about how Scottish Hydro obviously hadn't a clue about working people. Within minutes I was told an engineer would be round.

An hour later the engineer informed me that a valve had got stuck. He didn't have a replacement but would order one. 'Which day can we come and fix it?' I took a sharp intake of breath and replied that I could be here on Friday morning... The outcome? An engineer will be at my door first thing on Friday.

The moral of this tale? Kick up a fuss, but only enough of a fuss to be labelled 'difficult' and and not 'whacko' whilst remaining polite but firm the whole time. Well it worked for me!

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