Wednesday, 21 September 2011

It gets worse

Tuesday is Zumba day, and in spite of not feeling as well as I'd like I decided to make the effort to go. Good idea? Absolutely not! And the reason is, because in the Community Centre in Galashiels where I do Zumba, the caretaker had forgotten to turn off the underfloor heating the night before.

Imagine if you will, 40+ women and 1 man (yes we have one brave soul) in an airless hall, with the central heating full on, spending an hour giving it everything. I actually felt faint at one stage and had to go out, and I was not alone. There was one door to the outside world, which was open, but I was, unluckily for me, over the other side of the hall. Zumba in a sauna is not a good idea.

If I felt bad before, I felt a whole lot worse by the time I got home. I had a headache nicely building while I was there and when I opened my front door it had turned into a migraine. Yesterday turned out to be a complete washout.

The one good thing in all this was that Nell, bless her, was quite happy spending the day asleep. And apart from having to get up and walk her in the afternoon, where she was quite ok with a short walk, I did not very much at all but lie in bed bemoaning my fate.

Not the best start to being on my own for 8 days... can only get better... can't it?

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