Sunday, 4 September 2011

Almost nearly but not quite

Today was the Bowls Open Pairs and my pal, JT came all the way from Perthshire to play with me. It just happened to be the sunniest, best day of the year to play bowls, and to go along with that we got through to the final, which was brilliant. Sadly that was it as we managed to lose 5 in the penultimate end and we were done for. Until then we were all even. Still £30 each at the end was not a bad consolation prize, and then of course there were a few gins that needed to be shared with folk in the club.

There was one bit that did make me laugh a bit... a bit mean of me I know, but heck some people are just not good sports. Last year's, and in fact the last 3 years winners, 'forgot' to bring the cup back, and we were playing them in the semis. Last year we lost to them in the first round and they were all smiles when they realised this year they were playing us to get into the final. However, it just happened to be one of those games that both JT and I were playing ok and we won that by 1 point. They were the most unhappy bunnies I've seen in a long time and they went back in the clubhouse and muttered all the way through our final and beyond.

So last year we were out in the semis, this year in the finals... maybe next year will be the year?


  1. Well done for getting so close. Fingers crossed for next year!

  2. That's the best way to live.