Sunday, 25 September 2011

Doors closed in Dunbar

I met an artist at the Edinburgh Festival who invited me to an Open Studios event in Dunbar this weekend. I couldn't go yesterday, but as the weather was supposed to be as good today I decided I would make the effort and go. And apart from the fact that the weather wasn't as good as the forecasters had promised (there's a surprise) I couldn't find anything when I got there. I stopped in a shop in the high street and asked and they'd never heard of it! A complete scout around Dunbar yielded nothing, nada, not a peep. So I came home.

One highlight of my journey was that there seemed to be some sort of Ferrari rally going on and I counted 16 beautiful red and one beautiful black Ferrari of all different ages on the A1 heading south. It was quite a sight.

Bhutan was open though and I managed to catch up with my Mountain man, up a mountain, but this time in the daylight, so not just teeth to talk to. It was a relief to hear how well things are going. Apparently I have to go there and see for myself... Oh dear, poor me, but I don't think I shall be offering much in the way of argument with that one!

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  1. The photos on wiki look beautiful. I'm sure it won't take much arm twisting!