Tuesday, 27 September 2011

A scary start

Indoor bowls, my winter 'sport', started yesterday at Tweedbank. I have to say I got a lovely reception, which was more than my bowling did, but the change from outdoor to indoor is always a bit of a trial as the bowls run so much faster and a lot of mine ended up in the ditch.

The Monday bowls is always a gentle affair. We play for an hour, stop for lunch, then play for what's left which isn't always a huge amount. I was getting a bit twitchy after sitting down for half an hour, but realised it's all part of the way it is, and the camaraderie was good.

After I'd finished and was putting my bowls and shoes in my locker (I'm really part of the in-crowd this year), the president of the club came up and asked me if I could play on her team for today... this is a whole new departure for me, people actually wanting me on their team, let alone the president. I said 'yes' and then immediately regretted it as she obviously hadn't seen how I'd been bowling not long before, but I have to start somewhere and after all, I certainly won't get any better unless get to play.

My week, after this somewhat gentle, if somewhat scary start, is going to get a whole lot busier. I've got my usual work in Edinburgh and then somewhere down the line on Thursday my Mountain man will return, with enough time for me to say hello and then I'm off to London for a course. On Sunday night I'm hoping to catch up with a few of my OU pals, which should be fun, and then home on Monday, whereupon my man and I can actually have some time together... well here's hoping.

p.s. I really must get a next year's diary. I can't believe I'm saying this in September, but I seem to have dates ringed on my 2012 calendar and haven't a clue what they're for!

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