Monday, 30 January 2012

Losing body parts?

After a pretty sleepless night last night, all down to a continual pain I've been having in my right ankle over the last year or so but which has gotten a lot worse over the last couple of months, I gave in and rang a podiatrist. Luckily she could fit me in this afternoon. The outcome is I have Sinus Tarsi Syndrome, or what is better known as a bloody painful ankle.

So now when I go out to sporting activities the right side of my body now has to put up with an ankle brace to go with the knee brace and toe strappings. The podiatrist also altered my shoe inserts with some very non high tech sticky padding to help move my foot when I walk so that the sinus tarsi can get freed up and also told me to take a high dose anti-inflammatory at night.

I have to go back in a month and if this doesn't work then I'm for the hospital. Please, please keep everything crossed that this doesn't happen. Every time I've had any orthopaedic intervention I've eventually, after a couple of ops, lost joints. No right knee, no joint in my second toe from the end on my right foot and I really, really don't want to lose any more.


  1. I've crossed all the body parts I have!

  2. Ooh, major sympathies! I had that last year and, at one point, couldn't walk more than a couple of metres before stopping in agony. I'd suggest seeing a physio or even have a look on Youtube - there are some good joint mobilisation exercises that will help. I'm all better now and still have all of my bits, so there is hope! xx

  3. Thanks MG. The podiatrist said to hold off doing any exercises for the moment as it could exacerbate what's already pretty tender. I'm sure it's just my over-exaggerated fear of all things orthopaedic.