Thursday, 12 January 2012

Thank fate for contacts

Sometimes I feel that fate plays a big hand in things.

Yesterday, on my fantastic birthday spa day, when I had a whole day swimming, saunaing, hydropooling, steamrooming, lying down on heated shaped tiled beds, followed by three hours of treatments I was so pleased I'd opted for contact lenses.

I was told by the optician not to wear my contact lenses while swimming in chlorinated pools, which was fine because I started the day by swimming in the infinity pool. Just great. Then off to the Thermal Suite. On the wall as you go in is a chart to tell you how you might get the best from each room. Could I read it? Heck as like! So off I went back down to my locker where I'd left a pair of contact lenses in my make-up bag. I managed to put them in within seconds and off I went back up to the Thermal Suite to thoroughly enjoy my time.

The hydropool was interesting as it was out on the roof of the hotel. I was really having a good time til I realised there were a whole lot of workmen on the roof opposite. I decided to go back indoors to enjoy the delights of the steam room before I became the laughing stock of Edinburgh City's workforce.

My favourite bits of the Thermal Suite were the Laconium and the Trepidarium. The latter of which I fell asleep on and woke up to realise that if I didn't get a wriggle on I'd be late for my lunch and then my treatments. A definite no-no. Amazing how hungry lying about on heated couches can make you.

After lunch I enjoyed the delights of a salt and oil scrub, which made me realise why I don't like the feel of sand but left my body feeling really smooth. Then it was the hot stone massage, which I highly recommend. I did have an embarrassing moment when I must've been asleep because I became aware I was snoring. Luckily my masseur ignored the noises I was making and carried on, but not my finest moment. And I finished with a facial.

I felt truly pampered and special.

Then I was picked up and taken home to get changed and go out for dinner at The Witchery. A lovely meal with my man and my boys was had.

This morning I got to have a meet up with Cathy the Bookseller who had an assignation of the work kind in Edinburgh yesterday. We had a lovely morning of chat and then I went upstairs to get something from my bedroom and found my glasses, which were lying on the chair, the very ones that Nigel at the Opticians had so kindly repaired for me before I went on holiday, were bloody well broken again. I've had those glasses for 10 years with no problem and then within 2 months I've broken them twice. Was I ever pleased that I was wearing contact lenses!

And so now I am a fully fledged contact lens wearer, like it or not. I do have my spare glasses, which are fine, but not ones I would wear the whole time as I find them a bit too heavy. So contact lenses it is. I'm so relieved that I've been practising with them and getting used to them otherwise I would have been well and truly scuppered.

Obviously I'm meant to be a contact lens wearer, it's just that I didn't know it until now.

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  1. Your day sounds wonderful. I'm delighted you enjoyed it so much - glasses or no glasses.