Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Film review

At 5 pm this afternoon Mountain Man and I went to the cinema. What a lovely thing to do in the afternoon, it really is. We saw Iron Lady.

I came away feeling angry because of:
The way our parliament acts. It hasn't changed in hundreds of years. People shouting, waving pieces of paper and putting each other down. Yes, in the 21st Century, they're still acting the same way. It makes a mockery of what we call democracy.

The futility of war, and for this I also mean terrorism, which is still fighting a war of sorts. All totally and irrefutably futile.

The destruction caused by Maggie Thatcher and how we're all paying for it now.

The violence, which, I can't stand under any circumstances.

That they got some dates wrong. I was at Art College for the 3 day week, which, according to this film happened several years later than it did.

That if we didn't live in a so called democracy, Maggie Thatcher would have been called a tyrant.
I also came away full of admiration for:
Meryl Streep's acting.

The portrayal of dementia.

The way the flashbacks were used.

I came away less than impressed with:
Some of the dialogue e.g. Dennis Thatcher's. He came across as a cartoon character, as did a lot of  Maggie's cabinet.

However, the film as whole held my attention, and also it seemed the other 8 people in the cinema as we all sat at the end and didn't move til we got to the 'gaffer' credits.

Made me feel a bit sorry for all those who work in films and who are credited but we never get to see unless we sit for more than the 5 minutes allotted before the cinema staff come in and chivvy everyone out. 'See Mum, I do have a credit, I do work in the movies.' 'Yes, son, if you say so.'

I give this one a 7 out of 10.

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