Tuesday, 24 January 2012

All in a day's work

Today was supposed to be a work day. Mountain Man was away overnight doing a recce for some running/cycling thing to take place in the summer up in Stirling so it was my turn to walk the dog. After the bliss of bright blue sky yesterday I opened the blinds this morning to find it was snowing... ugh!

I was also supposed to go to Zumba as it's Tuesday, but, what with the snow and the fact that my knee was a bit sore and I could ill afford the time to get over to Galashiels and back, I made the decision to stay home and do Zumba on the Wii instead. After doing that I decided my hair, which was immensely sun bleached after going to South Africa in November, needed a bit of a dyeing. That was another 45 minutes. Then I realised my train ticket for my journey to London next weekend was missing. There followed a frantic search for a good hour before I worked out that instead of actual tickets, they were on a pdf file on my computer. I did sit down and do a bit of work, but then I was really hungry and decided on lunch - a vegetarian bacon, spinach and lettuce toasted sandwich for the record and very yummy too.

And so here I am, afternoon already part way through and I'm on here blogging instead of getting on with my work. I wonder what other things I can find to do before it gets dark and MM is back home and I can sit in front of the telly watching Masterchef?

Please don't answer that!

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