Tuesday, 10 January 2012

My last evening...

...in my 50's.

Yes, the big six oh is beckoning tomorrow and because I've got a day of birthday good things happening, I'm going to be away from all computers, telephones, and anything that smacks of interaction all day.

I'm having a spa day at The Sheraton in Edinburgh, which I'm looking forward to tremendously and I have to say, after going back to Zumba today after the Xmas break, I shall need it. I've already stiffened up and could have done with a swim and a massage today, but tomorrow it'll have to be. And after all that pampering and relaxing, I'm being taken out to dinner by the three lovely men in my life.

I had one disappointment though today, and that is the Open Studies course I'd signed up for at Edinburgh Uni has been cancelled due to lack of participants. They've offered me another course, but I've realised I don't want to do a course just for the sake of it, and the titles of the courses I could do don't inspire me much, so maybe I'm not supposed to do anything with my spare time yet.

This last added to yesterday's disappointment when I was told by the NHS Pension people that it would take them 4 months to sort out my pension. Yup... 4 months is what I said! And what terrifyingly difficult things do they have to do to get this in order? Sign the bloody form and give me my money that's what!

Now I have an evening to myself (as Mountain Man has gone climbing and left me and Nell to our own devices) and to help with life's frustrations I shall have a glass or two of wine and a curl up with my book and relax.

So goodbye 50's, you've been interesting and fun, and hello 60's... bring it on!


  1. Have a fabulous birthday Vee x

  2. Happy happy birthday! Wishing you tons of joy, excitement, and adventure in the year to come. And, while you're waiting for all of that to start, enjoy this evening's wine! MGxx

  3. Happy Birthday Vee! (Are you sure you've got your date of birth right?)

  4. Happy Birthday, hope you have a lovely relaxing day and a super evening with your men, love Shirleyxxx

  5. Thank you all... tho Bassman I might just have to have words with you!