Wednesday, 4 January 2012


The going to bed and hoping for a better day today didn't work. Today has been awful from every angle. I tried, I really did to get in the mood for anything, but I just couldn't get myself in the swing. Everything I touched seemed to go wrong added to by the fact that it's a horrible grey, rainy, January day.

I was trying to tidy my office, but every time I shifted a bit of paper, something else revealed itself and I found myself sidetracked and what's worse is there's still the same mess everywhere, but just in different piles.

I found a letter which was supposed to have been posted a couple of weeks ago. It somehow got lost in the pre-Xmas tidying, which also somehow got sidetracked. It needed to be where it needs to be by the end of this week, so I shall have to keep my fingers severely crossed and hope that the Royal Mail does it's job a little better than they promise to do with my bus pass.

That was the other thing that got me shifted off purpose today. My bus pass. I found the form in one of my many 'to do' piles and realised I needed a recent passport photo. Thus ensued approx 2 hours of trying to take a photo with my computer that a) was light enough, b) actually looked like me, c) was not too hideous; and d) was printed in the right size. I gave up in the end and got Mountain Man to take a photo with his camera. It fulfilled the first two criteria, d) took a while, and as for c)... well least said.

Then off to the Post Office to claim my free bus pass. It says on the top of the form that you can fill it out and take it along up to 2 weeks in advance of a 60th birthday. Well mine's next week and I thought I was on target. But no. The guy in the PO informed me that it will take 21 days to get to me. Mmmm... makes you think doesn't it... you can get the form in 2 weeks before, but on no account will you ever get it on your birthday!

Another frustration was my NHS pension. I was only in the NHS for 15 years so it was never going to be one of those huge ones, but I was grateful for whatever I was going to get. Ah yes, well that's fine and well, but the wonderful joined up system that says that the world knows when you change addresses, change names, change your phone number etc, never knew that I'd moved. And so that's one further thing I won't be getting on my birthday. I'd been informed long ago that my actual pension isn't going to be with me for 20 more months, which I'd resigned myself to, but my NHS one... ok least said about that now too.

And the rest of the day's frustrations? What with Nell being sick and my taking ages to work out if my contact lenses were in the right way round (I think not) were the tip of the rest, I shall leave it to your imaginations to think what else my day held for me.

I shall be pleased it'll soon be over and I can try again tomorrow. On second thoughts that's what I said yesterday...

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