Friday, 27 January 2012

Oh dear

After being decidedly unwell yesterday, I woke this morning to feeling slightly better which was all to the good as I had a phone meeting to attend. From there on in things went a bit pear shaped.

My phone meeting got cancelled because the person I was supposed to be talking to had a family problem.

Then I got in the shower and promptly had a nosebleed - starting with one nostril, but rapidly spread to the other - thank goodness MM was around otherwise there'd have been a bloodbath on the floor.

I also received notification that my NHS pension is coming through, whahey - it didn't take them the 4 months they said it would to sign a form and send me the money - but it's going to get taxed, so my measly sum is even more measly.

Believe me I am grateful for what I get, it's just always slightly disappointing to find out it's not what I was lead to believe. I'm beginning to think this is the story of my life!

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