Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The most depressing day of the year

Well that's according to something I read somewhere... can't even remember where now, but frankly it's working for me.

First of all there's the tree and the decorations to come down, which we're doing tonight and it means it's the end of the festivities and time to get back to work.

Secondly, it's been awful weather, with gale force winds since late last night which has continued for the whole day. We're lucky, as some in the village have lost loads of slates. We had a gate and a fence that wanted to go wandering, but luckily Mountain Man spotted it in time and headed outdoors with his trusty rope. His trusty dog was going to accompany him, but one look outside and that was enough for her. She went straight back to bed where she's remained for all but 20 minutes of her day when she was forced to go out walking.

And thirdly, I played the worst game of bowls I can remember. It was the last one of this league session and we lost 10-19. I can't say I was the only one in my team playing badly, but I certainly made it a lot easier for our opponents. At least we didn't need to win today as we've won our section, but it was a disastrous game. I think we now need to play off against the other section and with my current form I can only hope it's on a Thursday when I'm at work. Bizarrely, in spite of a bad performance, I've been asked to join a women's league team too, which starts in February. Even more bizarrely I accepted. I can only hope my game picks up before then or I shall be off everyone's Xmas card list for next year.

Ah well, that's almost the end of the depressing day, and time to get in the mood for good things. And to help me on my way there's half a bottle of fizz that needs finishing. So that's it for today... I shall go and drown my sorrows and wake up refreshed and ready for some positivity tomorrow.

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