Monday, 1 August 2011

One down, two to go

My Mountain man has been away for a whole week. I got an email that told me because of lots of fog at Lukla for two days running, sadly there was to be no Everest trek and instead the group have headed off to the Annapurna range for a circumambulation of them instead. The Mountain man was not amused, but had to make do as if they kept to plan A they could still be sitting in Kathmandu waiting for the fog to lift.

A few years ago I went to see Everest. Because of the body I have there was no way I could walk it, or at least not in the time span allotted, so opted for a flypast. In order to do this you have to arrive at Kathmandu airport at 6 am just as they're opening the airport - and I kid you not this is done with one of those padlocks that you used to be able to buy in Woolworth's - and then you have to sit there and wait and wait until the weather is deemed ok. Sometimes you just can't fly for days and days as the fog can be thick around the mountains. I was lucky as I only had to wait a few hours, but I know others who've had to wait in the airport then go back to where they're staying and do the same process for a couple of days before actually getting to see the mighty majesty of the Himalayas. Totally worth it though.

So me and the dog have survived our first week home alone. Nell seems to be feeling a bit better today. I was quite worried yesterday that she was on her last legs and wasn't going to last the night, but luckily has perked up lots and even ate her biscuits this morning. The brush I bought at the Border Union Show has meant that whether she's feeling good or bad at least she looks sleek. I took another  bag of fur off her yesterday and will have another go today. It's completely unbelievable that she has so much 'spare'. I'm hoping in a day or so she'll stop leaking and I can down tools for a while. I think she'll be glad too. At least she doesn't mind this one as much as the old cattle comb I used to use, but I still get the feeling that being combed to within an inch of her life is not her favourite pastime.

I've now got to contemplate a busy week ahead. The joys of work and leisure in equal measure culminating in my annual visit to the Pittenweem Arts Festival for the weekend which should be fun. This year it's been announced that there's going to be no firework display. Not sure why, but it won't impede my enjoyment of the event as I stay with my friend N and we are usually tied up with dinner for our friends Georgie and Fiona, and so far we've never made it to the fireworks themselves, but have watched them from N's garden under the influence of several glasses of wine where we ooh and aah along with the rest of the East Neuk of Fife.

And finally... advertising warning coming up... I'm hoping this week to receive copies of my little self help book on stress from the printers. Yes, thank to Bassman Publishers, it will be available from Amazon, but of course I'd be happy to supply you with a copy. It's only going to cost £4.95 plus p&p which is cheaper than 2 pints of beer. And hopefully the after effects will last a whole lot longer.


  1. I hope Nell's ok. Book looks great - and your name's spelt properly too!

  2. Thanks Lizzie... Nell's a bit better, but pretty slow these days. Thank goodness I managed to get my own name right!

  3. What book is this that you have sneakily published? You've kept it a bit quiet!

  4. I wrote it and self published a couple of years ago for my clients and now thanks to Mr B it has an ISBN number and so edition 2 is about to come on stream.