Friday, 19 August 2011

Delights of the Edinburgh Festival

I'm back from working in Edinburgh and of course spending time at the Festival. I spent yesterday morning at the Elizabeth Blackadder exhibition at the Scottish National Gallery. It was an interesting retrospective, rooms and rooms of her life time of painting.  There were some that weren't to my taste, but some were mindblowing. There were also 2 short films with her, which were incredibly moving.

I then went off to meet up with my boys, who didn't want to go and see anything that smacked of 'theatre, my dear' and so we headed off to see what was on at the Fringe. The answer to that is, too much. It's so hard to make choices when you're faced with literally wall to wall advertising, and they all look so promising. So we opted for one that looked ok, one that No. 2 son wanted to see, and one that I wanted to see. No. 1 son was very happy just to tag along.

The first was Ford and Akram: Humdinger. It was a but surreal in places but very funny too. It's about the friendship between 2 girls and how they get to be best friends and the trials and tribulations they find themselves going through. This all sounds very normal, but trust me it wasn't. They play out stereotypes and I thought it was very clever and Louise Ford in particular was very good indeed. The boys both commented on how good looking they both were... typical!

Then we went to see Jason Cook, stand up comedian. He was ok, but nothing special and I came away a little disappointed to be honest. No. 2 son fell asleep, so maybe that tells you how good it was, but his excuse was that he'd been out all night and hadn't got to bed til 7 this morning, but my feeling is if Jason Cook had been hysterically funny then he'd have stayed awake. Luckily I prodded him before anyone noticed.

No. 2 son decided at that point to call it a day and didn't come and partake in the delights of Zoe Lyons, our 3rd and final comedy act of the day. She was absolutely excellent and both No. 1 son and I found ourselves laughing out loud and I even had tears running down my cheeks at one point. I highly recommend her show.

No. 1 son and I have decided to hang out together next week when I'm back in Edinburgh and he's booking a couple of things that we thought might be good...well they've had good reviews. No. 2 son had to wing his way back to Bristol today, so won't be joining us sadly, and my far wandering husband has work to catch up with so he won't be able to come either.

So it's back to Borders life with clients to see this afternoon and a bowls competition this evening if the weather holds. What a weird life... trudging round the cobbled courtyards of Edinburgh partaking in the delights of listening to someone talk about human misery for an hour one day (which let's face it is where comedians get their material), and the very next listening to someone talk about the misery of their life for an hour and then the trudging round the turf of a Borders Bowls club... mmm now there's a thought.

p.s. a bit of book update: Wordpower the independent bookstore in Edinburgh has said they want to take copies of my book. How fab is that?

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