Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The pledge

I think I'm going to have to take myself seriously in hand and give myself a talking to. Last night was a good example. Joyce and Magic Bob and I were out playing bowls and at the end Bob wanted to come round to my house to see my other half to talk about singing bowls, which my man sells in his Ebay shop. Bob then announced that he and Joyce were not drinking alcohol for two weeks. I thought that was a great idea, but then said something along the lines of, 'So does that mean no wine when you come over to mine tonight?' Whereupon Bob rapidly changed his tune.

Now, I have Zumba on a Tuesday, and I know that it's really far better for me not to drink alcohol the night before, but... well... I did. 2 bottles between the 3 of us if I'm honest, and it ended up with me blaming Bob and Bob blaming me. Joyce only blamed herself, sensible person she is. And of course this morning, feeling tired and dragging myself over to Galashiels, I half heartedly shook my booty in time with the music, but by the time it was finished I was exhausted.

I'm thinking it's time I really had an alcohol break. Well at least until Saturday night when we have the author and playwright, Shaun McCarthy, to stay. He's going to (hopefully) do some work with my Beloved's other company, which is being set up at the moment and doesn't as yet have a website. I also need to be fit enough to go to my Drystone Wall course on Saturday (that I signed up for at The Border Union Show) and if today's anything to go by, a 4 day alcohol ban sounds like just the thing. That way I will still be human and sensible when Mr McCarthy comes round and I won't have any embarrassing wall scenarios to admit to. Also got a busy week doing more Festivalling with No. 1 son and work of course.

So that's me. I've signed the pledge for the next 4 days. Not one drop of alcohol will pass my lips until Saturday night. And that's a promise.

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