Friday, 5 August 2011

Off for the weekend

Today is the start of the Pittenweem Arts Festival, and I'm off there to take in the delights for yet another year. Luckily Nell has picked up a bit and is feeling a whole lot better and is going to the dogminder, which will be better for me, as I can be out all day without having to worry about walking, feeding and petting. I'm not sure if it was yesterday's visit by No. 1 son that sealed it, but I left her in his capable hands while I went off to say farewell to my secretary who's heading back to New Zealand. We had after work drinks to say goodbye. Sad for me as she's been wonderful, but probably very, very good for her. The new person seems nice enough, but only time will tell if she has Dawn's ability to manage my idiosyncrasies with such equanimity. Anyway, by the time I got home the dog was a bit perkier than she had been for the last few days, and the only difference is that No. 1 son came to visit, so I'm left with the feeling that her recovery has to be down to him.

I love going to the annual Pittenweem event. It's a chance to spend time with N, which is always a treat, but it's also fun as we spend our time nipping in and out of all the exhibitions and then relaxing as only we know how. We also have a few hours looking after Georgie Young's exhibition to give her and her partner, Fiona, time off for good behaviour. Otherwise they'd be locked in their space for the duration, so having a few hours off is always welcome and N and I enjoy the opportunity to show our sales skills. This is not hard in Georgie's case and she's a brilliant artist and sells prolifically. Usually by the time our stint comes the place is littered with red stickers so it's easy to entice people to part with their money.

It's been a real 'arty' week in some ways as on Wednesday my friend Shirley accompanied me to the preview of Hiroshi Sugimoto's exhibition at Modern Art 2 in Edinburgh. It's unusual for me to like every single piece in an exhibition, but his was fantastic and I highly recommend it. I was actually blown away by some of the photos. They were extraordinary.

Luckily I noticed that the gallery had copies of the current Edinburgh List Food and Drink Guide which I'd forgotten to buy this year, so as we exited the exhibition and were deliberating on where to go, we sat in her car and studied restaurants. We decided in the end to go to Sweet Melinda's. I've been there before with N on her last birthday, but it was Shirley's first time. It was a good choice and we had a lovely evening.

There is one problem with the Pittenweem Arts Festival and also all that's going on in Edinburgh at the moment and that is that August is well and truly here. I can't believe this year has zipped by so quickly. I was lying in bed this morning and trying to work out if I'll get to France this summer and realised that summer is not with us for that much longer. We're over half way through the year, I'm nearer to 60 than I was a couple of months ago and I'm not going to mention the 'Ch' word in case someone throws something at me. 

And on that happy note, I'm away to the seaside before my thoughts get the better of me!

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