Saturday, 20 August 2011

A bit off piste...

I had a very strange thought the other day about jobs that I'd like to have. This all came about because of a programme on the telly called 'The Great British Bake Off'. It's the kind of programme that I have on as background, but every now and again I hear something that really makes me pay attention. And then last night I had a rather strange dream about changing my profession.

Well the job on TGBBO was a Food Historian. Now to me that sounds fascinating. The woman who was on was explaining the history of the cupcake. It apparently all started with a cook wanting to make a small cake for 'them's upstairs' and made one in a tea cup, and thus the cupcake was born. Fascinating no? Well alright then, maybe I'm the only one. Anyway, I began to wonder how one goes about becoming a Food Historian, and during my search I came up with this article. From there I wandered over to the University site, and I have to say if I were years younger it might well be something I would be interested in studying. I mean a Masters degree in Gastronomy... who wouldn't want that? And in Italy... what could be better?

So in my dream there I was with my PhD in cupcakes and writing numerous papers in the art of going from a teacup to a paper case, and then I turned back into me, just plodding round my Borders home trying to grow coffee rather unsuccessfully and then I woke up.

Do you think there are actually people who have a PhD in such things? Now I really want to meet one, so if any of you come across such a person do let me know. I have loads of questions.

Bowls update
Last night I played in the semi finals of the women's handicap bowls competition, and I'm very pleased to say that I won, and though I say it myself, I played rather well in the awful conditions. It was like Autumn out there: cold, dark, drizzly and with what felt like a gale force wind, which made it very hard to play. Luckily the person I was playing against had a handicap of only one more than me (she was +6 and I was +5), so we were pretty much even at the start and I won 21 - 15, which I thought was pretty damn good. However there is one downside and that is last year I also got to the final (and lost) and I was immediately docked one of my precious handicap points hence me not being at +6, and that means this year I shall lose another... ah well, I wonder how many I'll lose if I win? Best not go there as I don't want to spook myself before I've even played. Wish me luck!


  1. Good Luck!
    I love The Great British Bake Off.Background? Nooo! I study it intently. It makes me rush off to the kitchen to bake lots of lovely things. Wonderful. And then eat them. Not so wonderful, given the Fighting of the Flab.

  2. Thanks Mari
    The weirdest thing re TGBBO is I don't actually like cakes... so for me it really was all a bit 'left field'!

  3. Did you drink any of your Beloved's apple brandy before going to sleep??

  4. No, can't blame the apple brandy as it's still in it's unopened bottle. I don't dare open it until a drinking partner comes to stay... any offers?