Sunday, 31 July 2011

Another day at the show

Yesterday the weather was great, and so after watering plants and walking the dog I set off once again for the Border Union Show. So it seemed did most of Berwickshire as getting there took ages, but after parking my car and eventually getting into the showground, I looked to see where Anne, ponies and carriage were. I found them as you can see below, but Anne had apparently failed to see which class she was entered into and missed her spot, so for the second day running wasn't able to show.

My 'grandson' Arnie (on the left) with his pal Fingal
I sat and watched a few carriage classes which were splendid, and then headed off to see what was happening round the rest of the showground. I found a Flea Circus which was very funny. I love the old fashioned things far more than the newer fairground attractions. The clown that was running it was very good and entertained the kids and adults alike. The tent it was housed in was red and what with the sunlight the whole place had a decidedly orange glow as you can see from the photo:

The Flea Circus
I then went to see if the Sheep Show was on, but I was going to have to leave before the next showing so I went round the back and there was the delightful Lenny, who I was so taken with yesterday, waiting for his photo to be taken:

Lenny the Lincoln Longwool
I also happened upon a guy offering Dry Stone Dyking courses and as a special offer just for the show there's a day happening on August 27th in Kelso for £20. I signed up as it sounded too good to miss. And then it was time for me to go and get back to Nell. I'm pleased I left her at home as it would've been too hot for her, but I did buy her a grooming brush which is excellent and within 24 hours I've already taken off 3 bags of shedding fur... yes you read that right... 3 bags!

Joyce and Bob phoned to see if I wanted to go bowling as it was such a lovely evening, but we decided on a last minute change of plan and they came round for a glass of wine on the patio instead. We were joined by my next door neighbour, Terry, who'd been deserted by her husband Norman, as he'd gone off to the show along with his son and several men from the village to wet her grandson's head (no matter that this grandson is now 8 months old and it seems as though there's a head wetting every month, but any excuse it seems will do). We had a lovely, relaxed evening and bowls was rearranged for today.

And finally, the picture you've all been waiting for... drum roll please... yes it's the coffee plants! They're doing ok, a few leaves falling, but are looking healthy at the tops with their lovely shiny green leaves. So here they are, now 5 years old, slowly but steadily growing:

The coffee plants at 5 years old


  1. We got one of those brushes last year at the Black Isle Show - an equally astounding amount of fur comes off our moggy!

  2. I can't believe the amount I've got off Nell. Will it ever stop?