Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Result time

Last night I got home to an email from the Open University telling me my course results would be available within 24 hours. To me this was the worst bit of communication from them ever. I mean we'd already been told to expect our results by Friday 5th, so why oh why send out something to freak us poor students out? And freak us out it did. The forum changed within seconds to a kind of manicness that's not been around since... well since getting our last mark back.

As I've already stated I'd decided not to go on and do the Advanced Creative Writing course, but an OU friend is not happy with me and so we made a pact... if I got 85% (which is what she thought I'd get for my exam piece) then I promised I'd sign up for the ACW. Luckily for me I was a whole lot more accurate with my marks prediction than she and I don't have to sign up for anything.

I didn't do particularly well at all in my final piece, but nevertheless I miraculously ended up with a Grade 2 pass, which I'm pretty chuffed with. I now have to wait for up to 3 weeks to get the written feedback, which apparently is minimal, but quite frankly the course is now done and dusted so I'm not all that bothered, just relieved it's all over.

However, I'd be fascinated to know why the OU thought it would be a good thing to give students 24 hours notice. For me the result didn't matter too much as I wasn't doing the course for a degree, so a question of pride really, but for those who it matters for how frustrating must that have been? All I can think is that there'll be thousands of people who've had a sleepless night pressing the refresh button on their OU results page. Poor sods!

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