Friday, 26 August 2011

Another book update

I was told this morning that the taxi driver I was talking to yesterday actually did go straight to Wordpower and buy my book. I can now say that there's at least one taxi driver in Edinburgh who keeps his word. And it just goes to show that random chats with complete unknowns sometimes pays off.

Yesterday I was concerned about all the stressed taxi drivers roaming the streets of Edinburgh and today my concerns turned to what if they all bought a copy of my book?

Mr B has already snorted risibly down the phone (if that's possible to do) at my lack of entrepreneurial mindset, but I'm much better at selling other people's stuff than my own... so folks if anyone wants promoting then I'm your gal... just a shame I can't do it so well for myself!


  1. Great news! Sounds like the beloved was right and you've hit the "little bit up" day.

  2. Tried to buy your book online at Wordpress Vee and there seems to be a problem with the site. The payment options don't offer a card choice. Thought you should know in case others can't get it and you're losing sales. Will get my pal to get it from ebay when I next see him. Great that they're going to distribute it for you.

  3. Thanks for letting me know. I don't really know how Wordpower work their website. They only have 5 copies (well 4 now) and I have to take more in. The cheapest at the moment is to buy through Ebay and be sure and leave a message that you're a DS. Then John will know what to do.