Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Welcome home

This morning I felt the need to go to Zumba. It was like my body was pining for some exercise. The funny thing is that if you'd have asked me if I actually enjoy it, I would have to answer that the first 5 minutes are brilliant and so are the last 5 minutes. And all the rest of the time is rather like a form of torture to music. Still I feel good after... well a few hours after.

And so, about half an hour after my man arrived home complete with a bottle of Tukche apple brandy, which, in spite of coming in an old Tuborg bottle with an old style bottle top that you have to use a bottle opener for, he firmly assured me is the very best that Jomsom has to offer, I headed off for my weekly dose of Zumba.

My bottle of Tukche apple brandy artfully sitting with the sunflowers!

It is lovely to have my Beloved home. Although the weeks he's been away have been busy and I've not really had too much time to miss him, miss him I did. I'm not so sure that Nell did though. She took one look at him, a quick tail wag and that was about it. It seemed as though she'd completely forgotten that he'd been away.

Age is really catching up with her, as if you go by the 7 dog years to each one of ours then Nell will be 98 next month, which is a great age to get to by any reckoning, so it's hardly surprising that walking far is no longer an option and she spends most of her days asleep. I think my Beloved was a bit taken aback at the non greeting, still once he's been out with her and wandered extremely slowly round all her favourite smelling points I'm sure he'll feel he's well and truly home.

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