Sunday, 14 August 2011

Almost home

I had an email from my Mountain man to say that I should get myself Skype ready at 1 yesterday. I turned everything on but sadly no connection could be made. Another email whizzed through. Somehow the electricity in Pokhara, Nepal doesn't gen up enough to get the Skype to work, so we resorted to a Facebook 'conversation'. Hardly the same I know, but it was the first instant communications we've had for 3 weeks.

At some unearthly hour this morning he's getting a flight from Pokhara to Kathmandu to spend a last, lingering look at the city where he feels most at home and then it's UK bound. He arrives back in this country on Monday evening and then has a sleeper journey from London to Edinburgh where he'll pick up his truck and head on home.

This leaves me with a bit of a dilemma. I have my Zumba class on Tuesday morning and need to leave the house at 9.30, which should be just the time my man is arriving home. Do I forgo the delights of whacking my body around the community hall in Galashiels or stay home and watch my man unpack and sort his stuff out? I'm coming down heavily on the former, though of course I realise this sounds quite selfish, but by my reckoning a couple of hours reconnecting with his UK life could possibly be more preferable than having me hovering.

And then of course on Tuesday night I shall have to head off to Edinburgh, not just for work on Wednesday, but also because my man is not the only one who is coming home this week. No. 2 son is also coming back to the land of his birth, to spend a week soaking up the delights of the Edinburgh Festival.

In actuality what this all means is that I won't be home until Friday. I've arranged to spend the day with both my sons on Thursday, and have taken a day off work to do so. I'm looking forward to a bit of festivalling with them both with a meal thrown in for good measure, and when this was arranged it was with little thought that this would be the week that the Mountain man himself was coming home.

My mistake it seems is that turning the page in my diary to see what's written is a step too far, and so I find myself with what amounts to almost another week before my husband and I can have some quality time together. At least I've managed to keep my diary clear for next weekend... I just have to hope he has too!


  1. After a couple of weeks soaking up the buddhist atmosphere of Manang mountain man can now cope with pretty much anything, even being abandoned with a treat pilfering pooch xxx

  2. Wow that seems to have been a quick three weeks! You are always so busy! It'll be lovely to have all your fellas home for a while.

  3. For me it seems like both forever and only yesterday... depends on the day of the week! But yes, it will certainly be good to see them all again.