Thursday, 11 August 2011

A bit of a surprise

I had a bit of a surprise today. I was spending the day doing some research and writing and for some reason decided to look up the retreat centre in Pokhara, Nepal where my man and I stay when we're over there. I followed a link on Google and watched the film. Lo and behold both of us were in the video.

It's not that I'm particularly worried about me being in a short video about a place that I love, but the thing is I never knew that this was knocking around. I do vaguely remember one of the guys a year or so back taking some pics, but I don't remember him asking if it was ok to make them available to the world at large.

It got me to thinking about how often we are photographed or videoed and we probably don't have a clue as to who can see these things. Probably more often than we'd like to think about. Not long ago I was walking about Edinburgh and someone was taking photos of The Pleasance and I just happened to be waiting on someone there. I am now captured for posterity in some unknown person's photo album, which might well find it's way onto some social networking site or other and I'll never know. Well that is until I happen upon it in the same way that I happened on this innocuous bit of film.

Anyway, notwithstanding that I was a bit surprised by finding myself, it was actually lovely to see the place. This is the birthplace of my coffee plants and so I thought I'd delight you all with a pic my friend Tracy took last year when she visited the centre. So here it is, the Mother Bush, god bless her.

The Mother Bush in Ganden Yiga Chozen, Pokhara, Nepal


  1. How funny to find yourself a TV star! Pokhara is such a beautiful place. Good to see a pic of the Mother Bush too!

  2. Very bizarre I can tell you. Do you think I can put this on my cv... Nepali TV appearance!