Monday, 15 August 2011

As if by magic

I had a message from the printers that my book, START to Stress Less, would be winging it's way to me today. The only problem was I had to wait for the delivery and I needed to go out and restock the very, very empty fridge so that my man could actually eat something when he gets home tomorrow. I phoned them and a very nice lady told me that she would find out when it was due to be delivered and she'd phone me back, which she duly did 5 minutes later. She told me that my package was on the van and would hopefully be with me shortly. I put the phone down and lo and behold the door bell rang and there was my package... now that's what I call service!

So here's a pic of the book.

If anyone wants a copy, please go to my website and order one from there.


  1. You really should get rid of those website ads you know...

  2. thanks for the reminder Mr B.

  3. Ooh lovely! You should put it on the OU forum.