Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Madness reigns

I had visit to the orthotic department of the Borders General Hospital as my old leg brace needs replacing. Zumba has forced me back into wearing it... it weighs a ton and the strappings are done for, so my GP has sent me to get a new one.

I don't really know how to explain the consultant, except to say that people who work with no daylight may well have problems of relating to the real world. I did think it was rather strange that he kept calling me 'an athlete', something I haven't been for far too many years... in a funny way I was quite flattered and anyway I want a new brace so felt that I'd better agree to whatever he was saying.

The new one is coming in 2 weeks and until then he has patched up my old one. A real sticky tape job, but hopefully will work.

Meanwhile I managed to make a total idiot of myself. I am in Edinburgh and No. 1 son came round for the evening. We had a lovely time chatting, watching telly and eating popcorn, then it was time for him to go and I realised he'd forgotten a letter that had come for him and so as he went on his way with his earphones in, I shouted his name... several times... this managed to wake up every dog in the neighbourhood, but No. 1 son didn't hear me. I ran after him and only caught up with him when I was within 2 feet. By this time people had come to their doors. I smiled and nodded apologetically but the deed was done.

Yes, that's me, the mad woman screaming her son's name into the darkness while he pays no attention at all. Maybe the consultant wasn't quite so strange after all.

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