Wednesday, 6 July 2011

There goes the tan

Just when I was beginning to go a nice golden brown, I opened the blinds today to abject grey skies and loads of rain. I'm a bit of a tan obsessive so have been revelling in the joys of the day to day sunshine of the past week.

We have just bought new blinds, so for the past few days it's been quite amazing to open them as I haven't a clue what the weather is going to be like. Our last blinds were... well pretty useless actually. They let so much light in, which was no problem in the depths of winter, but in the summer the 4 a.m. morning sky always saw me wide awake. I always knew what the weather was like before I opened the blinds. Bright sunshine would invade my space before there was any need to open them. Equally well dull days were obvious too.

Anyway, we decided to invest in some blackout blinds. They're terrific. Velux make blinds for their windows that snap into place, so it made the whole changeover really easy and the blinds actually made it onto the windows in record time, rather than sitting in the box for weeks waiting for the DIY to get going.

Now the room is in complete darkness. We hadn't realised just how much light the old blinds let in... I think what I mean is, we did, but since moving here nearly 3 years ago we became enured to their ineffectual ability. But I happened to be passing a blind shop in Edinburgh a few weeks ago and stopped to look. I'm so pleased I did. Now we need to order two more sets for the spare rooms.

There's a rather childlike delight in opening the blinds and not knowing what's out there. Today, however, I think I'd have preferred not to know!

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  1. My sister has blinds like your new ones. They are good. The only downside I notice is that I have no idea what the time is and have slept in without an alarm clock!