Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Zumba comes to Galashiels

Well to be honest, Vee goes to Galashiels and does Zumba. Apparently it's been in Galashiels for some months, but it was only yesterday, when I was out bowling with Magic Bob and Joyce, that Joyce told me about it and invited me along.

It was a really good work out and apart from looking like a beetroot at the end of it, I certainly felt the benefit. As luck, or otherwise, would have it, it's not on next week, so it'll be a whole two weeks before I go back and I'm sure it'll be back to the beginning as far as the moves go.

The guy who takes it looks like ex-army, but he keeps a smile on his face, probably laughing at the women of the Borders shaking their booty in time to the music. There's a real mix of people, some quite elderly (one who sat on a chair the whole time, but moved her feet and arms) through to the young and fit.

Thank goodness I took a very large bottle of water and the towel was a definite necessity.

Anyway, I highly recommend it for those of you who want to be fit, but have some fun.

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