Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Decision has been made

Today I finally, finally made the decision not to do the Advanced Creative Writing course with the OU... at least not for this year. I have been spending quite a lot of time thinking about it (too much time really), and I just don't feel the time is right for me.

And of course, now I've made the decision I will undoubtedly have many regrets. There are quite a lot of people who I've virtually met through the OU Creative Writing course that I'm awaiting the results for, and it was very tempting to go ahead and do the next one alongside them. But what I've realised is that I need to spend more time writing and not so much thinking. My head is full of stories, but usually I fail miserably to get them down. So now I will give myself 12 months to keep writing and only if I manage to keep to that will I venture down the Advanced Creative Writing route.

I'm hoping to start entering competitions, something I've only done in a limited way before, and the hope is that it'll spur me on. I managed to buy the course book for the Advanced Creative Writing a month or so back for £4.25... a whole lot cheaper than the £700 course fee... so I can work my way through that, and because of the OU forum I belong to I can still get feedback.  This means the only thing I'll be missing out on is getting a mark for my work and the anxiety that goes along with that. Not much to miss there then.

So that's me all sorted. Phew!


  1. I agree, there is so much stress while waiting for the tutor to return your work. Not to mention the number of hours studying. I did consider taking my OU degree further, but decided against it. Looking back, I think I did the right thing.

  2. Hmm. Very persuasive argument Vee. I'm edging towards swapping to a 10 week photography course instead!

  3. Ooh that sounds like a good one Mari. I've actually spotted a 10 week course on understanding the weather which rather takes my fancy as you end up having to do a project which is the kind of thing I love.