Monday, 25 July 2011

Home (almost) alone

My Beloved, Mountain man, trek medic hero and all around jolly good chap, left home today to take intrepid trekkers on a trip to Mount Everest. Actually I think it was just an excuse to get an all expenses paid trip to his spiritual home of Nepal, but that's another story.

His last day at home was punctuated by finishing jobs that had been awaiting his attention for quite a time, while I mowed the grass, groomed the dog - a far harder task than it sounds as I garnered a whole bag full of fur and there's lots more where that came from, and she was not amused - and read my book while sunbathing. All offers of help for job completion were turned down as I think the man himself wanted to leave with his superhero status intact.

So that's me and the dog left behind with a daily schedule of watering veggies and feeding birds and getting to work... that's me not the dog, obviously... that will necessitate an army-like timing precision, and I'm sure that the three weeks my man is away will undoubtedly zip by.

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  1. Dot worry mate thing's will get better. I'm sure you can do it all by yourself.