Thursday, 28 July 2011

The best laid plans...

My army-like precision timing was thrown completely out the window the first day I had to head for Edinburgh as No. 2 son and our lovely dog, Nell, decided to throw a spanner in the works.

First of all I had had a telephone call from No. 2 son when he was up visiting with his father in the far flung North, that we would meet on Tuesday evening in Edinburgh. I haven't seen him since Christmas and was looking forward to it. I made sure that I left the Borders in good time and arrived at the house, but no No. 2 son anywhere to be seen. I phoned his mobile to be told in no uncertain terms that my services as provider of entertainment were no longer required as he had friends to see and people to reacquaint with. I was not amused. I immediately rang a friend and made plans.

A few seconds later, Nell decided that a projectile vomit was in order and she jumped purposefully from where she was lying and left the wooden floor to make sure that all vomiting took place on the carpet. Then having produced a rather large pile for me to clean up she promptly headed off down the carpeted stairs vomiting all the way down, only stopping when she got to a wooden floor that had no carpet whatsoever on it.

While on the mammoth task of cleaning up, I decided I couldn't deal with someone coming over and so rang my friend back and cancelled everything. The dog and I spent a bit of an unhappy evening with me cuddling her and telling her it was ok, but she was not feeling great and eventually we both went to our respective beds exhausted from it all.

The next day, we got up early and Nell was in no mood for her breakfast. She also wasn't much in the mood for a walk, so although we were out for nearly half an hour, we didn't actually get very far. I had get to work and was feeling quite concerned at leaving her when she suddenly became quite perky at the ritual of doggy treat and tv on to keep her company. I was mightily relieved.

I had to rush back from work so that she wasn't on her own for much more than 4 hours, and we had a lovely afternoon languishing in the garden enjoying the sunshine. Nell was feeling much better and tore 2 balls to shreds while I sat reading my book. N, my best friend, came on by and we had a lovely evening partaking in the delights of some fizz and putting the world to rights.

Today Nell woke up feeling much more her usual self and, after avoiding the lingering stains on the carpet that she'd so carefully planted, off we went for a morning amble in Holyrood Park. I felt far happier about leaving her today. I spent the day rushing from one meeting to another and then landing back at work to a court order asking for all my notes on a client from 2 years ago.

I now have to do more precision timing next week, as instead of an easy day on Monday, I shall have to rush up to Edinburgh to make sure all is shipshape and correct for the court before doing anything else, which is just an added something I could well have done without.

Tomorrow is Border Union Show day, so Nell is off tonight to the dogminder for a night of R&R. Not quite sure if that's her or me, but given that I have a 5.30 start tomorrow, I feel that she is going to have a much more restful time than I will. I'm showing Shetland ponies and hopefully will have some fun. Last year we won the overall Shetland prize, so we have high standards to keep up. One fly in the ointment and that is my ticket hasn't come through as yet, but hey, it's just one more inconvenience to add to the ever growing list of plans that have gone slightly awry.

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