Saturday, 23 July 2011

Summer has arrived

Summer definitely arrived at The Old Free Church yesterday. I know this for two reasons.

The first:
because we had our first set of visitors. No... these are not the kind that you invite and come to stay, nor are they the kind who drop in unannounced to say hi to you personally because they are passing. These are the kind who ring your doorbell demanding to know when the next service is and if they can come and join in, or they want to come in and look at the architectural features, such as the altar.

The first year we were here and we didn't used to lock the front door much (we live in a very lovely, peaceful village where even the kids leave their bikes outside their houses with no locks on them), and on several occasions when we were sitting about or eating a meal, the front door would open and strangers would come in with their religious and spiritual needs to the fore. They were rapidly put in their place and sent off to churches that are still churches. After a couple of these incidents we made sure we locked ourselves in. And thank goodness we did, because yesterday's lot came when we were still in bed having a bit of a lazy morning. So that could have been a completely different spiritual experience and potentially put them off their beliefs for good!

The second:
because for the first time this year I wore a dress. My Beloved and I went out for dinner last night as he's off to Everest soon and we decided to have a dinner a deux in the very swanky Roxburghe Hotel. And I felt I should glam up for the occasion and put on a rather fetching red summer dress that I bought some years ago from Benneton and though I say it myself, I thought I looked pretty good, especially as I went as my alter ego and wore my wig.

The meal itself was good but not great unlike my lunch experience when I was reviewing, and there were some 'interesting' moments. For example my starter of crab and prawn cocktail that had no prawn in it (we're due something good when we go back apparently as a compensation), and then when it came to pay we were kept waiting for quite some time as there was a wedding party of 40 who seemingly were taking up most of the staffs' time. I also noticed I'd been undercharged for my wine, which I pointed out, but they just laughed and let me have it cheaper. And finally it took 5 goes with the credit card thingy as apparently the thick walls of the ancient house mean that telephone signals are not optimum, something us folks that live in an old church know all about.

So yes...visitors and a dress all in one day, summer definitely arrived at the Old Free Church.

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