Saturday, 16 July 2011

Should I stay or should I go?

I arrived home last night after an exhausting three days of travel, early starts and full on meetings, which were interspersed with great food, good networking and reflection time. I felt it was quite onerous in some ways being responsible for representing the views of the NHS in Scotland on the Mindfulness score and how we do things here compared to our University compatriots south of the border. I also braved it and said 'no' to a piece of work, which went down like a lead balloon and some people were very unhappy with me but was the right decision, and said a potential 'yes' to some other work, which made some people very happy but I might yet live to regret that one. It was lovely to get home to an enthusiastic dog and husband and to catch up with all that's been happening at home, but most of all it was great to be back in my own bed.

Today is the Rowchester festival and already the rain has set in. Apparently we're due heavy rain and thunderstorms all day, which is going to make the festival an interesting experience. The forecast for tomorrow is pretty much the same. As I'm supposed to be going to help sell Tibetan goodies to the willing folk of the Scottish Borders, it's looking increasingly like my services may well not be required. My Beloved is off to check it all out and put up his tent later in the morning ready for the proper get go this afternoon, and a decision will be made then as to whether I make an appearance or whether I stay home in the dry. Luckily the venue is only about 1/4 of an hour away so it's an easy thing to jump in the car and head off there if I get the emergency call that things are selling well and I'm needed as relief merchant. I'm not sure that the smell of wet dog would add anything so I think poor old Nell's fate is sealed and she'll be staying at home.

A shame really as I was quite looking forward to it, but I'm really a fair weather festival person and the thought of idiot dancing in my wellies and totally encompassing wet gear just doesn't do it for me. Of course if I'm needed then that's different, but I think my man is fully capable of managing on his own... well fingers crossed.

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  1. The Beloved says thank you for the vote of confidence but he is seriously considering whether he will go and spend two days sitting in a tent in a field watching it rain. He has other things he could probably do more profitably. Shame he was really looking forward to it too.