Friday, 22 July 2011


After a good day at work yesterday where all my clients seemed to get a lot out of our sessions, I got home to find that I'd had a rejection from an online poetry magazine in the States for my one and only poem that I've submitted in quite a long while.

The problem with rejection is that if there's no reason(s) added to it, as in this case where I got an email that was very polite but said not much at all, I am left with a serious doubt in my mind as to whether the poem was that bad and I should never bother to pick up a pen again, or whether there was any merit in it at all and I should go ahead and submit somewhere else.

Of course with the way my mind works, it's always the former and never the latter and this is further evidenced by the fact that the site that I uploaded my poem onto now won't let me into it at all. I only wanted to go and see if they'd left any other nuggets of info about my rejection in their column 'comments from editorial staff' but that's obviously off the agenda. And so I'm left with the feeling that maybe it was so awful that they never want to hear of me again and I've been barred from entering the site by the powers that be to ensure that I never darken their virtual doors again.

Oh well, if they were trying to stop me it hasn't worked, because this morning when I was in the shower, a line of a poem streamed into my mind, and was immediately committed to paper to be worked on as the days go by. There... that'll teach 'em!


  1. Quite right Vee. At least you're submitting - keep going. I look forward to seeing you published.

  2. Ooh - I mean published again!