Monday, 4 July 2011

It's over

Well that's that for another year. Wimbledon is finished. I'm already thinking about what I'll do come 12 o'clock today.

This has been the first year I can remember when I've not been working throughout the whole of Wimbledon fortnight and I've loved it. Just the fact that quite a few days I could luxuriate in watching TV from midday onwards has been great. And of course the weather in Scotland, apart from this weekend, has been pretty awful, so in some ways that made it even better as I could sit and watch the tennis knowing that I didn't want to be outside anyway.

I missed the women's final because of the singathon, but wasn't so taken with it as one of the 'screamers' was on. I like women's tennis but can't stand a lot of the noises they make, so I was happy that Kvitova, last year's semi-finalist and a definite non-screamer, won, and I enjoyed watching the highlights while I soothed my singer's throat with a glass of white wine.

The men's final lived up to expectation and I was really pleased Djokovic was the winner. It's always good when the old order is toppled and new people come through. I don't think Andy Murray would have stood a chance against either Nadal or Djokovic the way they were playing yesterday. He has a lot of work to do, in my view, to make it. And most of that work is psychological. Hopefully he'll come back stronger next year. If Djokovic can do it, there's no reason Andy can't.

And now we're on to the Tour de France. Luckily I don't feel I have watch it moment by moment, I just catch up with the highlights at the end of the day. June and July are sporting heaven. On Thursday there's the Scottish Open, which is taking place in my old hometown of Inverness. Then there's the British Open on Sunday. And of course the British Grand Prix has to be squeezed in this weekend... the sporting calendar goes on and on.

In August it all changes to becoming theatrical as it's the Edinburgh Festival, but I won't be having TV arse for that as I shall be off to see what's what. No. 2 son is coming up from Bristol to spend a fun filled holiday in Edinburgh so I will be taking time off work to accompany him to whatever he wants to see. Can't wait.

Meanwhile today is another gorgeous sunny day, and although work will have to be done and I have to be in Edinburgh later on, I shall spend this morning walking the dog and then going to play bowls for an hour or so before getting changed into work clothes and heading off.

And finally, a day I used to celebrate fully when I lived in the US...happy 4th July to everyone!

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