Thursday, 3 May 2012

Why, oh why?

Some of you may know that Mountain Man has an Ebay shop where he sells Tibetan artifacts. He sells these to make some money for himself, but also to support Tibetan refugees in Nepal. He knows his suppliers personally and also who makes a lot of the items.

Recently he's had a spate of emails from Ebay to say people are unhappy with his service and they want their money back. Now MM prides himself on his service. A whiff of unhappiness and he deals with it instantly, which is why he is a Power Seller and has always been in the top seller status.

It turns out that these emails are spoofs. They are so well done that they look like they've come direct from Ebay. No 'And please send me money because I have a special deal for you' and no dodgy graphics or simplistic layout. These are so real looking that you have to really look to spot the dodginess. The mistake they're making is that, right at the very bottom, they say they paid in dollars not pounds. However, it probably won't be long before they cotton on and realise the mistake.

What I don't understand is why someone would go to all that trouble? Let alone that it's so awful for a person to do that to another person, if they're that bloody talented in creating these emails, they're obviously wasting that talent doing what they're doing.

What a shame they don't put their brilliance to better use, but frankly I can see I'm pissing in the wind on this one.

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