Sunday, 6 May 2012

It's a dog's life

Nell was feeling her age when we went out for a Sunday stroll this morning. She hobbled up the road to the field, a walk that used to take her 5 minutes, which now takes about 12. A quick 2 minutes in the field, a quick eat of a bit of rabbit poo, and then she wanted to go home.

As we exited the field we caught up with a couple of greyhound pals, one of whom looked decidedly worse for wear. He's only 9 but isn't doing too well, while his 10 year old chum was very jolly. Nell certainly perked up at the sight of them. I think when she saw the poorly one, she decided she wasn't quite that bad and started to be a bit playful with his mate, while his owner (last year's outdoor bowls club president) and I chatted bowls or lack thereof.

After a few minutes, Nell was still wagging her tail and looking perky as the others were dragged off for their morning constitutional. As soon as the dogs were out of sight she went back to limping slowly home.

I'm not absolutely sure who's benefit that show was for, but I have a feeling it's a case of not letting down one's dog public.

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