Friday, 11 May 2012

My May birthday

I can hardly believe that a whole month has gone by since I was down in Dumfries and trying out what was to turn out to be my April birthday present to myself.

This month's effort has been seriously dampened. It started yesterday with full on rain non stop for 24 hours. It had a slight pause and then poured through the night. Because I live in a house with velux windows the sound of the rain is exacerbated and when, at just about 2 am the pouring went on to sheets of rain, which lasted until 10 past 4, I resigned myself to a sleepless night and allowed myself to relax to the sound. I finally fell asleep as dawn was rising. Not the best way to start a birthday.

Mountain Man had an assignation on the South Downs, medicking for an event called Just Walk for Across The Divide, one of the companies he works for on Charity events, and so had to head off just after 8 am. Before he left he gave me a great card (a group of meerkats looking out and it says 'Which way's the party?!') and a very useful gift of a cycle computer so I can know how far I'm cycling, which I'm sure will be fab if only I can get it to work. I'm waiting til MM comes home to sort it out for me, cos I've lost patience with it. And anyway, with the weather the way it is, I'm not going to be going far if I get to go out at all until next week, so a wait won't really matter.

The morning was relatively rain free and I'd arranged to go bowling with my friends this afternoon, but by lunchtime the rain had set in again. Bowls was cancelled until tomorrow, when I'm assured by the BBC weather report that it will be sunny. Fingers crossed.

And so I spent a lazy birthday doing not much at all but reading and commenting on OU friends' final assignments, trying to write a poem (emphasis on the trying) and eating the M&S food I bought yesterday.

So that's my 5th birthday pretty much done and dusted. Nell and I are going to have a quiet night in. I shall have a glass or two of vino and she will be sleeping... some things just don't change for either of us!

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